it's tuesday...

...and these are the things i'm feeling in my soul.

ONE // This morning I was sharing some of my biggest fears with my physical therapist. I've known her for three weeks, that's just how I roll. In case you don't know me personally (hey what's up hello welcome to my blog), I'm moving from Chicago to Fayetteville, Arkansas in eleven days. I'm stoked. Sometime last week, however, I think it finally hit me that I am going to be doing this alone.  I'm not afraid. Philippians 4:13, though. STILL, I would be lying if I said making friends wasn't a concern of mine. "You seriously always have a smile on your face. Don't worry about it. You'll do fine, I promise." Breathe in, breathe out. On the way home, it didn't take me long to realize I was following a car with an Arkansas license plate with no less than 20 Fayetteville/Ozark bumper stickers plastered on the back window. I SEE YOU, GOD.

TWO // Coloring Book, which I haven't really stopped listening to since Friday. This tweet sums up my feelings:

THREE // Seeing a playful pup greet a homeless man, licking his face and jumping up on his lap. He was at least fifty pounds and had one paw on each of the man's shoulders. The laughs from the owner and the man were contagious. It was the happiest thing I've seen in awhile. 

FOUR // Having lunch with my friend and old college dorm-mate Brittany. This is our third week meeting in her building on her lunch break, talking about life over La Croix and homemade condiments (food too, obviously, but homemade barbecue sauce and the ingenious hummus + salsa combo are worth mentioning). She is such a joy and light in my life. We originally bonded over pop-punk, grammar, and our fear of thunderstorms in 2010 at school in Iowa. Fast forward six years, and we still send each other radar maps on particularly stormy nights with a bunch of exclamation points, and let ourselves use the word 'literally', literally and figuratively. THIS IS A SAFE SPACE TO USE ANNOYING WORDS UN-IRONICALLY and also perhaps confuse unsuspecting strangers at the Merchandise Mart by breaking out into our best Muppet voices. That girl is a regular bless.

long live frosty tips. may all your summers be young and angry. and go bees.

long live frosty tips. may all your summers be young and angry. and go bees.

We have those kinds of conversations where pulling out a notepad like my girl Harriet the Spy would be helpful. When she sat down, I hit her with the Bumper Sticker and Lap Dog anecdotes and nearly started crying just because life is cool. Her response was something like this: being present and noticing the little things, that's everything. There's less room for doubt and stress and fear to live when you keep your eyes open and let the little moments into your life and heart. TRUE SIS, TRUE. We figuratively break bread, literally split avocados. Looking forward to weathering more storms, talking real, thinking happy thoughts with Britt.

It seems like blessings keep falling in my lap.