diving in

Talk about the pressure of a first post. I am just going to go full-on millennial right now, brace yourselves. This space, the focus of this blog, is going to be about me and I'm pretty positive I'm not sorry about it. Beautiful things happen - to ourselves and others - when we are willing to share our stories. I've been on both sides, and I'm better because of it.

I'm not a Capital-W-Writer, but I'm a lovely lowercase writer because here I am, showing up, writing. I am actively participating in a self-imposed challenge called Show Up and Dive In. I can show up with the best of them. I'm in formation, so to speak. Been in it. Showing up is important, but for so long, I pretended I didn't need to move on to step two: diving in, headfirst, into the whole beautiful mess. Welcoming the riptide.

I want to inspire and be inspired. I want to continue to learn and grow from my experiences. I want to push myself to practice gratitude on a grander scale, to identify the deep joys of life in all things, in others, and in myself. I am soaked in joy. Some days I forget, or let the meaningless fluff seep in to my headspace and disrupt my zest for life and childlike wonder. I retreat, tail between my legs, because life isn't and shouldn't be this good, they say. I'm rejecting that idea. It is so good. Time to splash around.