once you told me
i was a fountain
but you, you are a river.
you are a river of joy,
running, never stopping,
letting your joy stream
and spread and bring light
and life to all that surrounds it.
you are soaked in joy.
— my dear friend gaby

Joysoaked is a blog by Claire Busler, a casually deep twenty-something who is neither Illinnoyed or Arkansassy but has waited two months to add that to her bio. She loves making lists, eating doughnuts, hammocking, and crying happy tears. Graduate of Loyola Chicago, currently studying Communication Disorders at the University of Arkansas. Considers this "writing" thing and mobile photography to be her chosen creative outlets. Uses all spare change she finds to pay for iced lattes. Identifies strongly with ~tildes~ as well as CAPITALIZATION. She is happy to report this is her first and hopefully last time writing in third person.

Get in touch: claire.busler@gmail.com